Mobile application World's Airports


Application World's Airports offers database with more than 50 000 airports around the world.

It enables to show you an airport in your surroundings or selected location, including small, club airports or heliprots. You can find the way from your postion to selected airport including main points on your way by using Google maps.

If your device enables to take photos, you also have a opportunity to take photos a add comments to each airports, so next time you will see navigation and photos, which you have taken earlier.

Program enables to add some airports to Favorites. To each selected airport there will be a current weather. Condition is to have network connection.

Application World's Airports offers:

  • a database with more than 50 000 airports around the
  • navigation to airport
  • current weather of airport and surroundings
  • to take photos of airport, surrounding or other monuments
  • saving your photos to each airport
  • quick selection from Favorites

application Airports
Card „Position“

Introductory card - it will show you your position on map( if your device enables this). In case that you can not get geolocation by using your device and you have network connection, our program will try to get you dates by using IP address. (Information can be inaccurate)

If you click on button below, there will be a card with opportunities:
  • recording of new geolocation dates( Load new geo)
  • inserting geolocation manually in case, that you can not find your location using your device( enter geo)
  • detection of location using IP address in case that other opportunities do not work( you must have network connection) (Load geo using IP)
  • settings of application (description on card Settings)
You can also see current weather for given region. By button Close panel, you will close current panel.
application Airports

application Airports
Card „Airports“

Enables searchng of required type od airport using:
  • distance from your location( you can chase it on card Settings)
  • name of airport

If your searching is useful, there will be a list of airports including their and your current location. For better image you can click on button for enlargement of map.
application Airports

application Airports
After you click on selected airport, you will be moved to card with details:
It will be shown:
  • details to this airport (name, type,latitude, longtitude, states, region)
  • text and map navigation from your current location to the selected airport
  • enlargement of map with navigaton to selected airport
  • 3D view of selected airport( if it exists)
  • current weather of selected airport
  • your photos of airport
  • you can add or remove airport to favorites ( if you click on Add or remove from favorites)

Card „Photos for location“

To selected airport, monument or city you can display:
  • photos taken by users by Panoramio
  • searching of photos
  • your photos to current position. Taken photos will be addend to currnet position and they will be shown next time again
application Airports

application Airports
Card „Settings“

enables setting of program:
  • size of font
  • distance from current position
  • number of found airports
  • number of displayed photos in album
  • size of saving space for program
  • to contact the developer or send a request for adding airport to database

More info on Apple Store here.


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